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The photographs below are a representative sample of the materials available from the National Archives and the Navy Historical Center.  Though there are many photographs in our collection, only a small portion are shown here.  Several years ago, our Association Archivist began working with the creators of the NavSource website.  Since that time, at least 325 LCS(L) photos have been placed on line at the NavSource website.  Because posting them here would be redundant, you are invited to view the complete collection at  The LCS(L) Association is also in the process of writing individual ship histories for the NavSource site, and at least 59 of them are already on line.  For a list of these ships, click on Research at the bottom of this page.

    Our presentation on this page shows Mighty Midgets from their construction phase through their launching and completion.  Also included are photos of the ships at Iwo Jima, the Philippines, and Okinawa.  Other photos show an LCS(L) returning from the war and one being prepared for mothballing.  


LCS(L) 26 under construction at Commercial Iron Works, 21 July 1944

LCS(L) 73 under construction at Albina Engine &  Machine Works, 11 January 1945


Mrs. C. Gregory, wife of the Machinist Leadman, christening LCS(L) 28, 19 August 1944 at Commercial Iron Works, Portland, Oregon

LCS(L) 50 builder's completion photo taken at Albina Engine & Machine Works, Portland, Oregon,
19 September 1944


LCS(L) 50 under way, 19 September 1944

This view of LCS(L) 50 shows her 3"50 bow gun,
19 September 1944


LCS(L) 78 going down the ways at Albina Engine  & Machine Works, Portland, Oregon, 28 February 1945

LCS(L)s 92, 93, and 94 await completion after their launching in late December, 1944, at Commercial Iron Works, Portland, Oregon

LCS(L) 33 cruising in the South Pacific in early 1945

LCS(L)s 34 and 36 making a run on the beach at Iwo Jima, 19 February 1945


LCS(L) 8 standing by off Corregidor as paratroopers drop on to the island, 16 February 1945

LCS(L) 10 stands by as LCI(L) 363 loads Philippine guerrillas


LCS(L) 11 maneuvers off the landing beach at Okinawa, 1 April 1945

LCS(L)s 121 and 123 on patrol off Okinawa,
July 1945


LCS(L) 12 under way, showing her single 40mm bow gun



LCS(L) 72 under way, showing her 40mm bow gun

LCS(L) 55 passing under the Golden Gate Bridge as she returns to the states in early 1946


LCS(L) 25 undergoing pre-inactivation dry dock work at Portland, Oregon, April 1946

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