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In September of 2007 the LCS(L) 102 arrived in San Francisco.  The ship was if good shape after being transported across the Pacific.  But it was not up to a condition close to the condition she was in during WW2.  Since arriving in San Francisco Admiral Bill Mason and a crew of volunteers have performed a great deal of work.  Rust had to be scrapped, paint had to be refreshed, the galley and heads had to be significantly refurbished, lockers had to be replaced, bunks had to be replaced, and tables had to be replaced.  In the pictures below you can see what the 102 looked like just after it was unloaded from the transport ship, pictures of the work that was done before the transfer ceremony, the condition of the ship at the transfer ceremony, pictures of the work done between the transfer ceremony and the 2008 Reunion and the condition of the ship during the 2008 Reunion.  These pictures were provided by Bill Mason and his son Tom Mason.  The following is an article written by Bill Mason concerning the work that has been done so far on the LCS(L) 102.

    One of the big surprises at the National Association's Reunion in San Francisco this year was the condition of the former LCS 102.  The difference between the condition of the ship during the Transfer Ceremony in Vallejo in November 2007 and at the reunion last month was remarkable.

    The National Association owes a debt of gratitude to a group of volunteers from the Vallejo area who made all this possible.  They worked hard during these months without one cent of compensation.  Nevertheless, they were compensated by the thought that they were making a contribution to some sailors from World War II who made a difference.

    The primary source of the volunteers from some antique car guys known as Boyz Under the HoodClick on Boyz Under the Hood in the previous sentence to visit their web site.  Whenever there was a need for going to the Reserve Fleet to retrieve furniture and other items, they were readily available. They furnished trucks to transport the items from Benicia to the ship. Equally important was their willingness to participate in paint days.  The Boys Under the Hood who assisted were Chip Carter, Larry Collins, Mike Brigandi, Charlie DaLamater, Brenda DaLamater, Steve Lane, Mark Miller, Chris Miller, Mike Preston, Larry Torres, and Mike Wertz.  Chip was the organizer of the group.  He would round up the Boyz. 

    Other volunteers included Paul "Boats" Carter, Terry Clemen, Michael Hill, James Bundgaard, Tom Jenkin, Steve Ellison,Tom Mason, and Cody Bakewell.   Each of them made trips to the Reserve Fleet and were regular workers on the ship. "Boats" is a retired Chief Warrant Boatswain of 32 years in the USN.  Obviously, he supervised and participated in the paint work and the replacement of the bunks and canvas bunk bottoms.  Larry Collins took charge of the metal work on the ship - the installation of the lockers, furniture, fans, sinks, mirrors, etc. as well as removing items not appropriate for an LCS. 

    Terry Clemen did the finish work such as cleaning and polishing the brass in the conn and the pilot house.  He removed the paint on the portholes and polished the brass.  Another major role he played was being the official doscent so the rest of us could continue working on projects.  A big contribution was chipping paint, particularly in the enlisted men's head, throughout the ship.

    Michael Hill and James Bundgaard have been working on the ship's electrical system.  One of the ship's generators is in working order now.  However,the high cost of diesel necessitates using a portable generator.  Many compartments are now being powered by the temporary generator.  New lighting fixtures are being installed as well.

    Tom Jenkin has installed pipes for hot and cold water in the enlisted men and officer's head and will be doing the same thing in the galley. 

    Cody Bakewell is the young strongman of the volunteers.  Whenever there is a heavy job to be done, Cody was our man.  He did a lot of gringing, cutting, and chipping throughout the ship.  Most notable was the removal of the stanchions holding the bunks in the living quarters.

    Steve Ellison from the LCS 120 was the only LCSer, other than yours truly,  who volunteered his service.  His major contribution was the hanging of the new bunks, which included cutting chains, securing s and j-hooks, and assisting "Boats" in securing the canvas bunk bottoms.

    Our Association is most fortunate to have had such a great group of guys as well as Brenda making all this possible.  There is still more to be done and I know we can count on all these people to make certain it will get done.

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Photo #0 LCS(L) 102 after being unloaded from the heavy lift ship

Photo #1 - LCS(L) 102 as work began

Photo #2 - LCS(L) 102 as work began

Photo #5 - LCS(L) 102 as work began

Photo #6 - LCS(L) 102 as work began

Photo #7 - Bonnie Yee Collins (Larry's wife)

Photo #8 - Mark Miller and Chip Carter

Photo #9 - LCS(L) 102 during the refurbishing

Photo #13 - Bonnie Yee Collins

Photo #18 - Bonnie Yee Collins

Photo #19 - The President of the Boys Under the Hood, Chip Carter

Photo #22 - The bow of the 102 during the refurbishment

Photo #23 - Part of the side being repainted

Photo #24 - The bow of the LCS(L) 102 before painting

Photo #25  - Bob Karn, the back of Bonnie & Chip

Admiral Mason took some of the crew to a local seafood restaurant Photo #26 - Chris & Darroll Hinkle, Ray Lyons (painter), Admiral Bill at the Sardine Can restaurant

Photo #28 -  Mike (Mole) Wertz, Chris (little guy) Miller, his dad Mark Miller (sheetmetal guy)

Photo #29 - Larry Torres, Greg Conrad

Photo #31 - Brenda DeLaMater, Chip Carter paying the bill at the Sardine Can.

Bill Mason managing the painting of the 102 Photo #32

 Photo #34 - Chip Carter next to his Model A Ford, Chris and Darroll Hinkle in background

Bill Mason and some of the volunteers Photo #35 - Larry Torres, Bill, Mike (Mole) Wertz

Some of the cars owned by the Boys Under the Hood Photo #36

Some of the cars owned by the Boys Under the Hood Photo #38

Photo #40 - Mark Miller and Greg Conrad work on the generator


Photo #41 - Eric Vlnar, Denise Conrad, James, Marina Vlnar, Charlie DeLaMater.  Cera and Michael interviewing Bill for Michael's documentary on the LCS.

Photo #42 - Vallejo Council member Tom Bartee, Cera Ghavimi from "What's Up Vallejo" television


Paul "Boats" Carter explaining how the side gun works Photo #44

Photo #46 - Chip Carter & Larry Torres paint.


Photo #48 - Greg Conrad sitting and Chip Carter painting.

Photo #53 - Chip Carter working on some of the rust in one of the Enlisted bunkrooms

Photo #55 - Brenda and Charlie DeLaMater, Bill Mason, Steve Ellison (an LCS sailor) and Chip Carter

Photo #56 - Chip Carter on the Mothball Fleet

More rust that had to be scrapped by the volunteer crew Photo #57

Photo #58 - Larry Torres and Brenda DeLaMater

More rust that had to be scrapped by the volunteer crew Photo #59

More rust that had to be scrapped by the volunteer crew Photo #60

Photo #61

Photo #63 - Charlie DeLaMater, Mike Wertz, tug boat Captain Melissa Parker (she restores old tug boats), Brenda DeLaMater, Chip Carter

Photo #64

Photo #66 - Mike Wertz, Charlie DeLaMater

Photo #67 - Mike Wertz

Photo #68 - Mike Wertz

Photo #69 - Brenda and Charlie DeLaMater

Photo #70 - Ken Zadwick of the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation

Photo #71 - Charlie DeLaMater working on the railing

Photo #73 - Bill Mason and "Boats" Carter

Photo #77

Photo #78

Photo #80 - One of the volunteer painters Chris "Little Guy" Miller

Photo #82 - Mark Miller

Photo #83 - "Little Guy" Miller

Photo #86 - Mark Miller

Photo #98 - Who is this person

Photo #99 - The LCS(L) 102 at the Transfer Ceremony

Photo #102 - The LCS(L) 102 at the Transfer Ceremony

Photo #108 - Bonnie Collins, Brenda DeLaMater behind, Mike Wertz, Steve Lane

Photo #109 - Some of the Boyz Under the Hood attending the Transfer Ceremony - Steve Lane in red hat, Tony Domenici, Darroll Hinkle, Greg Conrad's back

Photo #110 - Some of the Boyz Under the Hood attending the Transfer Ceremony - Charlie DeLaMater, Chip Carter, Darroll Hinkle, Greg Conrad

Photo #154 - The 102 during the Transfer Ceremony

Photo #158 - Dick Jones the CO of the LCS(L) 102

Photo #162 - Rear Admiral Balmert, Dick Jones, and Lt. Bhanucha Lukarang

Photo #171 - Work continued after the Transfer Ceremony - Larry Collins, Steve Lane

Photo #172 - Brenda DeLaMater

Photo #173

Photo #176

Photo #187 - Bill and his team scavenged parts to be used on the LCS(L) 102 from the mothballed fleet - Paul "Boats" Carter

Photo #199 - More of the team obtaining parts to be used on the 102 - Bill Mason, Steve Lane, Boats Carter

Photo #205 - Bill's son, Tom, Mark Miller, Mike Preston, Larry Collins

Photo #239 - Lockers to be used on the 102 are being lowered to a barge to be taken ashore

Photo #240 - One of the new tables in the enlisted quarters

Photo #245 - new sinks in the enlisted head

Photo #288 - The new sink in the officers head

Photo #295 - Lockers being put on the 102

Photo #298 - Bunks being replaced. - "Boats" Carter

Photo #300 - Bunks in the Senior Enlisted Quarters

Photo #301 - Admiral Mason in the Senior Enlisted Quarters

Photo #309 - More painting - "Boats" Carter

Photo #310 - Bill Mason taking a break from the renovation work

Photo #315 - a new desk - where is this desk.  In the radio room or the COs bunk room?

Photo #333 - Admiral Mason gave me these photos and told me he was getting equipment from the moth-balled fleet for use on the 102.  Bill - how will you get these off the ship and where will you put them on the 102?

Photo #334 - Bill Mason on the U.S.S. Iowa on one of the trips to the moth-balled fleet to obtain equipment and parts for the 102.

Photo #340 - New tile in the Enlisted Head


Photo #342 - Bill Mason installing tile in the Enlisted Head

Photo #350 - Volunteers on the LCS(L) 102 Renovation.  At a Memorial Day luncheon put on by the Boyz Under The Hood.  Friend of Bill's, Bill, Steve Ellison (LCS vet) and his wife

Photo #364 - New plumbing in the Enlisted Head

Photo #366 - New wiring being installed - Larry Collins

Photo #500 - Paul "Boats" Carter handling the lines to the float.

Photo #501 - Steve Ellison (left)  from the LCS 120 and Bill Mason from the LCS 86 preparing to paint the port side side of the ship.

Photo #502 - This picture show the two of us on the platform and Boats moving the platform. 

Photo #503 - Shows the same scene but has Larry Collins handling the line too.


Photo #504 - Shows Bill Mason sitting and painting with a brush while Steve Ellison is rolling the side.

The LCS(L) 102 as it appeared at the 2008 Reunion.  More pictures can be seen on the 2008 Reunion page

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