Updated 12/03/09

The 2009 Reunion was held in Plymouth Meeting, near Philadelphia, PA.  The skipper was Bob Augustad.

For me the highlight of the 2009 reunion was the Memorial service and lunch on the battleship New Jersey.  After the Memorial Service Chris Lehman presented the Association with a flag that was taken off the 102 at the end of WW2.  After the battle at Okinawa, the captain of the LCS 102 ordered a new flag to replace the flag that had become tattered and discolored during the battle. He assigned a young sailor to hoist the new flag and dispose of the old flag using proper flag etiquette. Instead, the sailor kept the original flag and inscribed it with the ship’s battles and ports-of-call and then stowed the flag in his sea bag. More than 60 years after being stowed away, the battle-stained flag resurfaced. The flag received special treatment by Smithsonian Institution preservation experts and was presented to a group of World War II LCS sailors in October at a ceremony aboard the Battleship New Jersey.

The order form for the Memory Books for the 2009 Reunion can be printed by clicking on 2009 Memory Books Order Form and then printing the page.  Please send the form and fee to John A. Rooney, 2 Emery Lane, Phoenixville, PA. 19460.

I have received photos taken during the 2009 reunion from several people.  The photos currently on this page come from Tim Dietz, John Rooney, Daniel Myzak, and Joyce Maurya from the battleship New Jersey. 

The first set of photos were taken by Tim Dietz.


Memorial Ceremony

Memorial Ceremony

Presentation of the flag at the Memorial Ceremony

Bob Cowell and Gil Nadeau

John Rooney, Edward Desmond and Leonard White at the Memorial Ceremony

John Rooney and Leonard White

John Rooney

LCS 82 Shipmates John Rooney and Jack Eggers

Gil Nadeau, Secretary of the Navy John Lehman and John Rooney

The Secretary of the Navy John Lehman

Jan and Bill Mason and Chris Lehman

Chris Lehman presenting the flag from the 102.  Bill Mason receiving for the Association

Close up photo of the flag


John Rooney took lots of pictures during the reunion.  The following pictures were donated By John 


The following photos were donated by Daniel Myszak.

Ginny Rooney, Bonnie Steenbergen, Connie Hampton

Don Hawkins, John Myszak Jr.

Victor Nistor Jr., Jim Hampton

John Myszak Jr. Victor Nistor Sr

Gil Nadeau, John Rooney

John Rooney, Gil Nadeau, John Myszak Jr.

Judy Myszak, Dana Myszak (daughter-in-law and grand-daughter of John Myszak Jr.)

Frank G Valentine #121, John Rooney

A. Robert Graff, Lois Graff

Zoe Zampana, Angie Green, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross


The following photos were donated by Joyce Maurya from the Battleship New Jersey.


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